Jump, roll, climb, focus, kick, challenge! Ninja Fit is a new class at Boston Alley Fitness combining obstacles, gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement. Active kids learn to focus energy, add skills and build confidence for any challenge.

   Drop-In                                $15/class
    1 X per Week                       $55/month
    2 Siblings                            $90/month

*After-School Lower Gym 



Home School Gym

K - 6th Grade

Open Gym

A safe and upbeat after-school environment for your child to be part of with an emphasis on Fitness!  We focus on your child’s physical strengths and encourage them to push themselves and test their physical limits in a way that is safe and fun.

Ninja Fit, Rock Fit, Tumbling & Home School Gym

Pre-School Gym

3 1/2 years—5 years​

*After-School Upper Gym

4th grade – 8th grade​

Includes After School Pick-Up in Sutter Creek


Enjoy the convenience of a leisurely start time.  At Boston Alley, we realize that kids make their own schedules, so come explore, reach, and play all over the gym between the hours of 10 and 12.  Parent/caregiver participation is optional.  The focus of Open Gym is having fun with plenty
​of social interaction and building confidence while developing large motor skills.

Preschoolers begin to participate in specialized activities that are geared toward building strength, flexibility, coordination and agility.  Classes are designed to encourage group activity as well as individual
​participation.  Introduction of more complex tumbling maneuvers that provide a sense of athletic achievement, self-esteem, and social skills.

60 Minute Classes & Open Gym


**Rock Fit

7 years and Up

Specialty Classes

Independence and individual exploration is heavily encouraged during the “free play” portion, however, parent participation is recommended during the “skills” portion of Little Tots.  Instructors begin to lay the ground work for social skills, such as, listening, sharing, taking turns while encouraging development of early motor skills with constant movement.  This class touches on very beginner tumbling skills.

*Students will be escorted from Sutter Creek Lower campus to the gym.  If your child attends Sutter Creek Upper, they will ride the bus for FREE from the upper campus to the lower campus.  Parents may pick up from gym after class or we will escort them back to ELP.


After-School Gym is focused on fun and fitness!  We make it exciting to master tumbling, climbing and jumping.  As soon as your child accomplishes small goals such as, correctly landing both sides of his or her cart wheel, their name will be put on the “monkey wall”.  These small and large tasks are designed to keep the kids engaged in their personal fitness goals AND achievements.

45 Minute Classes

** If the class that you desire is "full," call to get on the waiting list.

Rock Fit is geared toward athletes with high energy and an affinity for adventure.  The high intensity exercises and games help build strength and technique for climbing Boston Alley’s rock wall.  Whether working as a group or on individual strengths, ability to self-motivate and self-monitor is required.

**Pick-up from Sutter Creek ELP can be arranged

**Ninja Fit

5 - 11 years

Tots Classes & Pre-School Gym 

Kindy -3rd grade

   Drop-In                                       $12/class
    2 or more classes/siblings            $10/class


Open Gym

Crawling/Earlly Walkers - 5 (drop-in)

The class is designed to meet California state standards for Physical Education.  It is tailored to meet the needs of enrolled students with a focus on all-around fitness, motor skill development,  confidence and fun!  We are a Vision In Education vendor (vouchers accepted).

    1 X per Week                             $55/month
    2 X per Week or 2 Siblings           $100/month
    3 X per Week or 3 Siblings           $140/month


Little Tots Gym

Crawling & Early Walkers—2 years