TumbleTots                Ages 2 to 5 (potty trained preferred)

This is a beginning tumbling class for our Littles. During this one-hour class, we focus on stretching, controlled body movements, and following instructions in a group environment, all while learning some fun new tumbling moves! This class is ideal for youngsters who are ready for a little structure and want to start learning new skills in a class environment.


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Open Gym

Crawling/Early Walkers - Age 5 

*S.C. Primary students will be escorted (walking with instructor) from Sutter Creek Lower campus to the gym.  If your child attends Sutter Creek Upper, they will ride the bus for FREE from the upper campus to the lower campus, then walk down to the gym.  Parents may pick up from gym after class or we will escort them back to ELP. All schools welcome! No transportation from other elementary schools offered at this time, so students will need to be dropped off/picked up.

Date Night

Ages 2 and up

Bring the kids to us for a pizza party, games, exercise, rock climbing and more! Offered the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month, 5-8pm. Reservations required.

Homeschool  Gym

Grades K-6 

Have homeschooled students who need a place to be active? This class is for you! It includes a combination of free play, workouts, and games. We are also vendors through Visions and Clarksville and accept vouchers! Homeschoolers also welcome in our after school program.


Enjoy the convenience of a leisurely start time.  At Boston Alley, we realize that kids make their own schedules, so come explore, reach, and play all over the gym between the hours of 10 and 12.  Parent/caregiver participation is optional.  The focus of Open Gym is having fun with plenty
​of social interaction and building confidence while developing large motor skills. Drop-ins welcome.

GRADES K - 6: Monday-Friday 2:15-3:30

                                                         Class Description:                                                             Our after school classes provide exercise and fun for kids after their school day! These classes include daily workouts, games, and free play. We focus on building strength and (of course) building friendships! Pre-registration required, class sizes limited.